Feather necklace


Uniquely handmade fine silver feather pendant. The feather is raised out of this beautiful pendant and you can run your fingers along the outside hairs. Feathers remind me of freedom and lightness as you always see them blowing in the wind, which always makes me smile. This feather before it got coated in many layers of fine silver was one such feather on my way back to the studio after dropping my children to school. The feather is embedded in a bed of fine silver. This is the perfect gift for the free spirited and nature lovers.
The pendant weighs 3.6g and measures approximately 3.6cm x 1.1cm at maximum dimensions. It is polished to a high shine with the back being textured to add interest and is also hallmarked from the Birmingham assay office with the KL jewellery designs stamp (give you confidence in the quality of the silver) on the back. This feathered pendant hangs on a sterling silver chain.