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Hi I am a jewellery designer based in South Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is my first blog and its exciting and scary all in one!

I will be  updating you all on my inspiration for my designs and showing the process i go through to make my pieces.


By katrina lucas, Jan 6 2020 11:46AM

Happy New Year!!

This is my first blog of the year :) and if its your first time reading my blogs I’d like to say a big hello and welcome! I would also like to take this opportunity to give a few facts about myself ......

• I am turning 39 this year!

• I am married with two children (two girls 8 and 9), both are a lot of work lol.

• I started learning how to make jewellery in 2009.

• I worked as a biomedical scientist until my first child was born.

• Not only do I love jewellery but I also love the sea!

I’m hoping these facts give you a little insight into who I am and I plan to add more throughout the year.

I’m not sure about you but as the year comes to an end I start thinking about myself and what things I would like to improve on or what skill I would like to give a go. Firstly, I think I would like to nurture the relationships I have with family and friends. Last year I felt like I just got busier and so as a consequence of this I feel like I didn’t spend as much time just chatting and being with those I love, so this year I want to make a more conscious effort to spend time with those that are closest to me. My thoughts towards the end of the year kept going to the building amount of sea glass I have and that I should start using them in my jewellery. So, this year I would like to make a new collection of sea glass or incorporate it into existing collections – watch this space. Lastly I couldn’t think of a new skill I would like to learn however my eldest daughter announced that she would like to learn how to surf. I will not say what my initial reaction was but as I thought about it, I thought its something we could maybe try together? So I aim to at least give it one go….but maybe once the weather gets a bit warmer lol.

I would like to hear any ambitions you have for this year in the comments below. If your looking to learn how to make jewellery I have two classes coming up very soon – silver clay class 19th January and beaded jewellery class 26th January. If making jewellery isn’t for you but you would like some new sparkle then sign up my newsletter and you will get 10% off at www.kljewellerydesigns.com or if your already a member then check out the 11th day of Christmas offer, its valid all of January.

Well folks that’s all for today.

Until next Monday

Katrina xx

(the picture is of myself and the wanna be surfer.....will i be posting a photo of us both on surf boards later in the year?)

By katrina lucas, Dec 16 2019 10:15AM

Happy Monday everyone. This will be my last post until 2020! I just wanted to say a massive thanks for all your support this year. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. I've learnt a lot about the jewellery business and a lot about myself in the process and what I’m capable of. I do every aspect of my jewellery business myself. Making the jewellery, photographing the jewellery, modelling the jewellery and social media. There are some parts I enjoy doing more than others with making the jewellery being the best part.

Well the date has now passed for guaranteed delivery but I will still be posting if you want to take the chance with Royal mail but also if you’re not that bothered if things arrive after Christmas then that’s fine with me too :).

Last week I finished my 12 days of Christmas offers which I loved doing and I’m already jotting down some plans for next year. I won't be making anymore jewellery this year which means I will be back in the new year with lots of ideas....a break gets the creative juices flowing.

For the Lucas family we have a few more activities to go to, with the first, being tonight. The Downshire Brass Band which our daughter plays in will be playing at the Kennedy Centre tonight from half six so if you’re in the area call in. Then Wednesday night it’s the school carol service which should be fun. Saturday is my mother-in-law’s birthday so we will be having a big family meal which we don't always manage and my brother-in-law who lives in LA will be home to celebrate also (its not even a big birthday so go us!). Then on Christmas Eve it’s our youngest daughter’s birthday so the present opening starts here and then we will have my in-laws at ours for a lovely Christmas lunch. Once all our visitors leave and the dishes are done, we take the kids for a walk to see all the decorated houses before coming back into the warmth of the fire, a light tea and the night before Christmas as a bedtime story. Once we get the kids to sleep it’s time for my husband and I to open a bottle of bubbly and sit and watch It’s a Wonderful Night (something we have been doing since our first Christmas together as boyfriend and girlfriend (that wasn't yesterday, that’s for sure).

The next two days it’s just he four of us enjoying family time (treasured time together).

So I want to take this time to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until 2020!

Take care.

Katrina xxx

By katrina lucas, Dec 9 2019 12:09PM

Happy Monday!

I hope your having a great start to your week and your not too stressed about everything you have left to do this month??

Towards the end of last week I definitely was not feeling as calm as I am now. We were trying to ignore all the boxes around the house (which held all the Christmas decorations), but I have to say if there was a fire in our house we would have been pushed to find a clear exit! Anyway we spent yesterday finishing the decorating inside the house and put all the boxes back in the attic. We hoovered and the place is looking great, especially with all the sparkling warm white lights.

Last night I wrapped a few of the orders from my website (photo above). This has been my most popular offer from my 12 Days of Christmas Offers (is it the thought of one less thing to do? I love wrapping but I know it’s not for everyone). This morning I got up and put up our outside garland so that is officially all the Christmas decorations up (there should be lights around our tree in the garden but my husband conveniently couldn’t find the safety box I needed -hopefully next year lol).

I got an order off to Florida this morning also and now I have a very organised Christmas to-do list, which breaks it all down into manageable tasks. Today is mostly work followed by a bit of card writing (do you still send cards?) and then tonight, a bit of wrapping.

We are on day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas Offers..........

On the 9th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me 9 ladies dancing........(if you like dangly earrings this offer is for you).

My offer for today comes from my memories of when I used to go dancing (I really need to get out more), I always wore dangly earrings and loved the feel of them swinging while dancing. Today's offer is 10% off all dangly earrings using code DAY9DROP at checkout. This offer only lasts until midnight and there is only one of each pair so be sure to get yours before someone else does.

Thursday will see the last of my offers. If you want to be the first to take advantage of these offers, sign up to my newsletter as the offers will be in your inbox by breakfast time.

Well that’s all for today. I hope your week is full for calm and fun festivities.

Until next week

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Dec 2 2019 09:51AM

Happy Monday Morning all,

It’s the first Monday in December and there is no escaping Christmas now. My husband saves up a lot of his leave so he can take most of December off. This is his first week off which is great, but it means I will have to juggle work and cleaning the house before we get the decorations up. I’m not sure about you guys bet getting the decorations up in our house is a big job. The main tree (we are crazy we have three trees) goes up in the room which we spend most of our time (with two kids its very much messy), quite rightly so as you want to be able to enjoy the tree, right? But the problem is the room needs a major clean, so it takes a while as there is a lot of juggling with the kid’s toys. Like I said its our main tree, 7ft and most of the decorations have been collected since we have been married so the tree is mostly full of memories (I get very sentimental especially when the kids first Christmas decorations come out). I love the process of putting the tree up and I love that the room is so clean and tidy but I just hate the actual tidying which is why I’m procrastinating and doing my work first. We also started our Christmas traditions which is watching our eldest daughter and her brass band play Christmas Carols. This year it was during a Christmas Carol service last night which was outside. It was freezing but everyone was given blankets (which will be donated to the homeless today) and a hot drink. We all sang and the lights were twinkling it was truly magical.

On the work front, I had a fantastic class last week with ladies from the WI in Belfast (Knockbreda). It took time to get the studio set up and add my new beads. We really had a fantastic time. I don’t normally do classes in Dec (as the hubby is off) but this was the last day of Nov and I got away with putting some festive decorations up which helped get me in the festive spirt.

Black Friday has been and gone. I struggled a bit with what to do (as this is my first year selling my jewellery). As I’m a small handmade business I really didn’t feel I could compete with the big shops. However I was in a small shop in our high street which I’m nearly sure is an independent shop (very rare these days) called Eutopia and instead of having a big sale on they were donating 10% of the days takings to a local charity (I loved this idea and bought more than I intended to do). Which got me thinking ….. so my Black Friday deal was a pair of Gold earrings with Amethyst stones – if you bought these then I would donate the money to a charity of your choice. I’d love to hear your views on that in the comments below. I’m also planning to offer this again in my 12 days of Christmas offers – its like the gift that keeps on giving! This leads me on to my 12 days of Christmas. I started this yesterday the 1st of December to coincide with postage and people shopping for gifts. Every day there will be a different offer and will last only on that day. If you would like to be the first to hear about these offers then sign up to my newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time) as the offer will be in your inbox before breakfast. Offers will be based on a first come first served basis. Offers will also be posted on FB and IG later in the morning.

Well that’s a long write up today. If your still with me well done :).

Catch up with you all again next week, until then have a fabulous start to your December!

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Nov 25 2019 12:14PM

So how are you all feeling this Monday morning? I’m feeling very good indeed! Last week was a bit crazy with my daughter off school sick for the whole week and my husband away from Wednesday to Friday. With all that going on I had to set up for my jewellery night which was on Saturday night.

It was a great night of jewellery, wine, nibbles and lots of craic. What else would you be doing on a Saturday night lol. I added a few festive touches which I think worked rather well. Sometimes it can be hard to know if you over do it or not, but on this occasion, I think I got the right balance. There was lots of jewellery sold (some of the pieces are in the picture above) and a commission ordered which made for a very happy Jewellery Maker. I am feeling very much overwhelmed by the support and love from my customers. A massive thanks to you all xxx

Back to the grind today….no dresses just comfy clothes in which to do my admin. I have managed to sort emails and get my website updated with sold signs. Tomorrow will hopefully be a photography day as I still have a few pieces that have not made it onto my website yet. Then I need to work on my twelve days of Christmas which I will start on December first (to be the first to hear about these then sign up to my newsletter which you can unsubscribe to at any time if its not for you).

I also have a beading class scheduled in for Saturday morning. I have to say I’m looking forward to it all. But for the rest of my time this morning I’m going to work on my social media posts and enjoy a very relaxing lunch before I pick the kids up and get stuck into after school activities plus homework.

That’s all for today, I will be back next week with more.

Until then

Katrina xx

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