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Hi I am a jewellery designer based in South Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is my first blog and its exciting and scary all in one!

I will be  updating you all on my inspiration for my designs and showing the process i go through to make my pieces.


Lets Sparkle!

By katrina lucas, May 18 2020 01:43PM

Happy Monday my friends, how is week 9 treating you? I find it hard to believe that that’s how long we have now been in lockdown. My 9 year old has just told me this morning that she is now loving home school and does not want to go back to school. I can honestly say that I will the first at the school gates once they open lol. My children are really not learning topics properly and my skills to break it down into the easiest way possible is seriously lacking. Anyway that’s my school rant over.

How has your routine changed since week 1 of lockdown? Did you start off like me with a great routine and lots of optimism? Are you now worn down and feeling the need to spice things up a bit? I would really love to know how its been for you in the comments below. I am still doing my #dressup Fridays which is proving to be a success for my mental health. I put on nice clothes and my jewellery, sometimes the girls join in which is fun. So this week I’ve decided to go a step further and plan date night for this Friday. I think I will get even more dressed up, wear some sparkly jewellery and plan a nice meal for two with some nice music? Check in next week to see how that goes and if I did in fact feel like I sparkled!

Last week I spent all the time I had free working on my website, some days it was 10 steps forward and 5 steps back but I can really see it taking shape now. I will work hard on it this week also which means I will hopefully be getting it live very soon. This is really exciting as it also means my new sea glass collection will also be released at the same time. If you don’t want to miss out make sure you are signed up to my newsletter which means you will hear all my news plus offers first and also if you interested in seeing some behind the scenes make sure to follow me on IG (@katrinalucasjewellerydesigns) and FB (@kljewellerydesigns).

That’s all for this week, don’t forget to let me know how your getting on and I will be back next week with more.

Until then take care, sending lots of love your way.

Katrina xx

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