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How to impress this Valentine's day.........

By katrina lucas, Feb 3 2020 11:49AM

Happy Monday everyone, are you feeling glad January is over and we have moved on into the month of Love and hope?

I decided to do a very different type of blog today. I wanted to help those that really want to do well with their Valentine's day gifts because they are still in the 'I want to impress my girl' stage or just want to earn some extra brownie points. Mr L and I don't really buy each other Valentine's gifts (we actually just buy our kids a small gift and make sure we sit down with a nice bottle of bubbly, some crisps and a movie once the kids are in bed), but I was thinking, if I thought I had the energy to go out and was looking for the ideal gift from him, what would it be?..........

This is based on £100 pound budget for the gift.

A full outfit which includes dress, shoes and jewellery .....no bag needed as I’m going to be treated to dinner too lol. The dress above (red of course) is from Freemans and cost £50 then some lovely red shoes to match, the ones in the picture are from ASOS at £27 but you can also get nice shoes from New Look at £24.99. Then the jewellery, lovely little heart studs which just tell me I have his heart (£20 from kljewellerydesigns.com - of course I like my own jewellery lol). With all this there is change from your £100 to buy the card. I think this would be a very impressive Valentine's day gift? Let me know in the comments below what you think.

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Until next week, take care,

Katrina xx

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