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Hi I am a jewellery designer based in South Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is my first blog and its exciting and scary all in one!

I will be  updating you all on my inspiration for my designs and showing the process i go through to make my pieces.


Happy Wednesday....

By katrina lucas, Jan 22 2020 11:21AM

I hope you are having a fantastic week so far? I'm sure you have noticed that I am two days late with this week’s blog.

Monday was not a great start for me (did you know it was called "Blue Monday" as it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year?)! I thought I would start my day by doing something fun and constructive, so I got stuck into some soldering which mostly went fine except a little start fish (which I re-tried to solder again yesterday, with no success, maybe Thursday?). I then decided to try and log onto my site to do the usual blog and other admin work. But for some reason it was down, you could not log in at all - hence the blog coming out today.

No worries, as I managed to get a lot of jewellery made, soldered, polished and finished off. I also managed to get a little bit of photography in there. Even some with a little bit of glittery red to get with the Valentines theme (photo above).

Last Sunday I had a fabulous silver clay class with the fantastic Heather and Shirley, we had such great craic while making some beautiful jewellery (see photo). I think those two have been converted and will be investing in some more silver clay in the not too distant future. Yea my job here is done lol. I really love teaching jewellery classes as sometimes people don't realise what they are capable of (it’s great to see how proud everyone is by the end) and I know the lessons, no matter if they are a full day or just a couple of hours its chill out and relaxing time for those that attend (myself included). I have another class this Sunday which is beaded jewellery so tune in next week to see what we make.

Well that’s me until Monday, enjoy the rest of your week.

Chat soon and take care until then,

Katrina xx

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