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Hi I am a jewellery designer based in South Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is my first blog and its exciting and scary all in one!

I will be  updating you all on my inspiration for my designs and showing the process i go through to make my pieces.


By katrina lucas, Mar 30 2020 01:44PM

Hello again, last week I started this blog with ‘Does anyone know what day it is?’

I have to say, even though I set up a good routine last week, I still found it hard to follow what day it was. However, after having a very chilled out weekend at home I am ready for this week ahead.

Our morning school routine worked well so we have decided to stick with it. We did four mornings of short class sessions which were broken up with virtual music lessons plus the girls wanted to learn how to take videos in case they ever have their own you tube channel. Obviously, I hadn’t got a clue but we had so much fun doing it and it only took 15mins out of our day. So, I think we will try and do a bit more on that this week. On the fifth day we took a nature walk and did a little baking, so it was all fun. We are also spending break times out in the garden while there is not rain, we are doing a skipping challenge and tomorrow we hopefully will have an indo board to we are super excited about trying it out!

Of course I needed to do some work, so I get two hours in my studio while they do music practice, one chore and any homework (they are asking for it lol). I found that last week, I was very unrealistic with my expectations and what I could achieve in that time. I thought that because I knew I only had two hours that I would be super focused. That didn’t happen plus I had two little visitors constantly – I think they just wanted to make sure I was there. For myself this week I have decided to reduce my expectations, only have one thing on my to do list, and maybe get up earlier some days to do my IT work? It’s a learning curve for us all right? I would love to know in the comments below what worked for you and what didn’t.

This week is normally one of celebration for me and my family. Its my sister’s birthday on Wednesday followed by my nieces on Thursday (this year she is turning 21) and mine on Friday. Normally we try to meet up and have some sort of celebration. Its obviously not going to happen this year. Plus, last week I realised I had no presents bought for either. For me and my sister that’s ok. We don’ mind meeting up after and sharing a late birthday cake, but for my niece that’s turning 21 I felt I needed to try and get something posted. A lot of the bigger companies now have shut warehouses so there are no postal orders. So I just want to take this time to reassure my clients that as long as the post office is open I can get orders out and during this time I will gift wrap and write a personal letter from you. As birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions are still happening and I feel that it’s important we don’t forget them as it’s the little things in life that can really see us through our days during these uncertain times.

I am trying to get a newsletter out each week on a Wednesday morning, these will hopefully help brighten your day. I will mix them up with jewellery treats, changing routines and how to cope plus keep you up to date as I go through my rebranding, new website and new collection – which I am super excited about.

Well that’s all for this week, don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter if you haven’t already don’t so (you can unsubscribe at any time if its not for you).

Until then, stay home and stay safe.

Kat xx

By katrina lucas, Mar 23 2020 03:01PM

This is a strange time we are living in folks. I've lost track of the days, is anyone else feeling like this?

Like everyone else our lives are a bit upside down at the minute. All four of us are at home and I’m home schooling the kids. I normally find it hard doing their homework’s so this is gonna be fun. We started this morning, 9 - 12.30, all I can say is help us all lol! I've decided that I will only do schoolwork in the morning and then they can have the rest of the afternoon off from schoolwork, but they must do music practice and one chore. During this time, I will hopefully get two hours to work on my business. This is week one, but fingers crossed it works. I also asked the girls to make a list of new things they would like to learn, so we will be incorporating all this in as well. I was impressed with some of their suggestions, such as put the bins out, learn to sew, do more cooking/baking, load the washing machine etc, lets see how long they last at each of these lol.

I normally go swimming a few times a week before anyone in my house gets up. This keeps me feeling refreshed and guilt free when I overindulge. I had to come up with an alternative as I think I would miss the me time and that feeling of achievement. So I have started getting up early to go for a walk. It’s been amazing for my mental health (not my heels, I got blisters lol)...and its only week 2. I know I will be needing to do this a lot more as the weeks pass and we are still all at home 24/7. I was wondering how you are finding it? If your someone who already works from home, I feel like we are ahead of the game with coping techniques. But if you normally get outta the house every day to go to work then this is gonna be a shock to your system, especially if you work in a sociable office. I thought I would give a few suggestions which may help if you find yourself having cabin fever soon.

When I started working from home, I found it hard to focus, I found lots of 'other jobs' that were more important. This led to me working later and later every day which in turn meant I had to work in the evening. So I learnt to be strict with myself and leave those jobs for later.

Something I realised about myself once I started working from home is that I love to snack...this is not good for the waste line...hence the need for exercise. The exercise is not only good for those extra calories but also to keep you feeling good mentally.

Lastly is stopping. Taking breaks away from your work, maybe out in the garden or in a different room, a walk around the block maybe? Don’t try and work the full day, you need more than work, a little self-care. Maybe write out a timetable for the day. Don’t stuff it with a big to-do list. Keep it small and you can always add to it.

I guess what I’m saying is, is that a routine is important. The weekends are for routine free days so we can get a break. But working from home takes discipline and a routine helps with that. Like I said self-care is also important. Even though we can not socialise together at the minute it doesn’t mean we have to lock ourselves at home (for now). As a family we have taken drives to isolated areas and went for walks (picture above is from yesterday…coastal trips are my favourite), it gives the illusion that we are not being trapped at home.

Anyway, I hope this helps? I will be trying to send some newsletters with helpful tips from working at home and surviving your kids lol. Feel free to sign up if you haven’t already done so (you can unsubscribe at any time if its not for you).

That’s all for now, stay safe.

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Mar 16 2020 02:48PM

I don't feel like happy Monday cuts it today?

It’s hard watching the news and wondering how the next few months will pan out. It feels like scary times ahead.

For anyone that follows me on IG/FB you will have noticed that I committed to #marchmeetthemaker, every day in March you are given a prompt to talk about and I feel like today's prompt is very appropriate for now, it’s 'self care'.

For me self care is a trip to the pool (which I have to say I'm a bit reluctant to go to at the minute), or a trip to the coast or a big bubble bath (at least people aren't panic buying that), are you seeing a pattern lol. I am going to make more effort to be doing these, especially when I find my stress levels rising. Which may come sooner than I think as the rumours are, that the schools are going to close next week until Sept...I will need a lot of 'self care' then lol. But the good thing is we can get in the car and drive to one of our many beaches and as long as we don't get to close to anyone, we should be ok. Plus, there are lots of areas close by in which we can go for nature walks. This might be a good time to teach the kids a bit of photography (potential new skill time?).

So, tell me what does 'self care' mean to you and how do you reduce your stress levels? Let me know in the comments below.

It kinda feels like Mother's Day is ruined a little this year. Who is afraid of visiting their mother (or someone like a mother to them) and giving them the Coronavirus? Our kids have already given over their presents to their Nannie's and will just face time them on the day. Very sad! If you are in this situation and need to still get a present in the post, I will offer gift wrapping free of charge. Plus, there is 10% discount if you enter mum10 at checkout. This code also applies to my jewellery classes, as it’s a great way to make memories together, these are very popular this time of year. Due to the virus I can offer private classes for just the two of you....in a well cleaned studio :) ) offer ends March 22.

Last week I gave my first sneak peek at my new collection which is using recycled glass from our seas. The new collection will be called 'Gems of the Sea' but if you feel like you have another suggestion, I am all ears lol. I have been getting great feedback and I really can't wait to finish this collection and get it out there to you all. If you want to be the first to hear about its release date, make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter (which you can unsubscribe to at any time if its not for you).

Well that’s all for this week, fingers crossed next week feels a little brighter.

Until then, take care.

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Mar 9 2020 12:40PM

Happy Monday (it comes around fast doesn't it?),

I'm not sure about anyone else but the birds were chirping away early this morning at my house and while eating breakfast the birds had the same idea, we had lots of House Sparrows and Starlings out in our garden trying to get some worms. I love it when I notice this change, it’s a true sign that yes Spring is on its way even though we can lose heart with the depressing cold weather.

What else does it mean? New inspiration for jewellery designs (a lot of them will possibly involve birds of some description lol). I have listed two new pieces which you can see in the top two photos. Top left is a pair of handmade fine silver Hummingbird stud earrings and top left is a handmade silver dove pendant carrying a little butterfly. These are the perfect gifts for the bird/nature lover in your life or as a little treat for yourself!

March is always a reminder to us to appreciate the women in our lives as yesterday was International Women’s Day then on the 22nd we have Mother’s Day. It's time to appreciate how strong wonderful and capable we are, so hi-five to us!

Last week I spent time updating my website, and lots more will be done this week. There were items put on sale, so check them out. I also sent out a newsletter with some offers for Mother’s day. A new one will hopefully be going out tomorrow with a reminder of the offer which ends on March 22nd and maybe an extra one….interested? If you want to take advantage of this but you haven't signed up to my newsletter, then there is time if you do it today (you can unsubscribe at any time if its not for you), plus new subscribers get 10% off which is for a limited time.

Well that’s all for today (the kiddies finish school early all this week so my time is even more limited!).

I hope you have a great week and I will check in again next week.

Until then

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Mar 2 2020 12:09PM

Happy Monday, I hope last week was a great one and you enjoyed your leap year? Did anyone take the chance and propose to their significant other? If so I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Once March comes I am more than ready for the clocks to change. I love seeing the nights stretching out as I automatically think of warmer days and sitting out in the garden with a cuppa relaxing.

March ends up being an expensive month for me as I’ve got Mother’s Day gifts to buy (also Nannie gifts) then my sisters birthday is on the 1st of April followed by my niece (who turns 21 this year) on the second. So I do spend a great deal of time shopping.

I thought I would give you some of my top ideas for Mother’s Day just in case you are looking for some:

Check out my collage above. You might all be able to guess which one I’m hoping for this Mother's Day? It’s the coastal cups (one with crabs and one with yachts) both are £5 from Sainsburys, and I have to say I’m hoping to be drinking out of mine at the coast on Mothering Sunday (you will have to wait a few weeks to see if it happens lol). There is another cup set on here, for those that know me I Love my tea but that’s not why I’ve selected two different sets of cups. The main reason being is that this is the first thing I do when I get to my Mums, we have a cuppa, followed by another then another. Is this the same for anyone else? Anyway, I came across this set on Instagram and I just thought it was a lovely idea. It’s called time for tea and comes with a beautiful handmade cup and spoon (different colours available) along with a tea bag (costs £34). The designer is Kate Robbins www.ktrobbinsceramics.com you should visit her site as she has some very beautiful pieces and you may find something else you’d rather buy if not now but maybe in the future.

The book I have included has been taken from the idea of the book I got the kids to buy their Nannies this year. Its a tell me book, there is different styles of this book but overall I think its great to get all those stories written down so you can read over them and hand them down to your children, grandchildren etc. This book is from Amazon and costs £11.15, The kids got their book in the works. Lastly I’ve put in a pair of my handmade earrings (only one pair available £35) from my vintage inspired collection, as when I think of my mum I always associate her with fabulous jewellery, so when I’m going through gifts for my mum (no matter what the celebration), I always check out my jewellery options too!

Also to celebrate Mother's Day and to make room for new items plus a new collection which is coming soon. I will be reducing the prices of some of my pieces from my collections, this will be done gradually and also through the month of March so do keep an eye out. If you have subscribed to my newsletter you will be the first to see these offers come up. Remember each piece I make is one of a kind so there is only ever one piece available.

I hope you have an amazing week and I will check in again next week.

Until then, take care.

Katrina xo

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