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Hi I am a jewellery designer based in South Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is my first blog and its exciting and scary all in one!

I will be  updating you all on my inspiration for my designs and showing the process i go through to make my pieces.


By katrina lucas, Feb 10 2020 11:34AM

Yes, its Monday again (it comes around quick doesn't it? lol)!

My kids were very excited this morning...all they could talk about was Friday. I had to ask what was happening on Friday as all I can think about is the 9 year olds Ancient Egypt project that has to be in for the same day. I'm just wondering how we will fit in finishing it off around homework and after school clubs?

It’s nice that they are excited for Friday as they know it’s a day that a little bit of extra love will be shown that day both at home and in school with their friends. I know for me, this week will be a bit more crazy due to the project plus getting their little present (which we stupidly started when they were toddlers) not to mention a little something for the hubby (a bottle of bubbly-no surprises there lol), plus I have a few household things that need attention. I feel like my routine is crazy enough without the added extras so for myself this Valentine's I have decided to add in a little more me time. Starting with a relaxing bath and maybe treating myself to a trip to the coffee shop by myself.....my Monday is looking brighter already lol. So, will you do something for yourself this month of love? As showing ourselves the same love we show others is just as important!

OK lecture over! Last week was a busy one here with trying to finish off some items for polishing plus getting in a little extra photography. I'm also squeezing in time every week to work on my new collection.

This week I have a commission piece to finish and get myself ready to take the following week off as the kids have no school for the full week for half term. Which means I won't be seeing my studio much (even more reason to spend as much me time this week lol).

Lastly if you will be buying this Valentine's give the gift of handmade were you can and support local businesses. Words can't describe how appreciated it is!

Sending lots of love

Until next week,

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Feb 3 2020 11:49AM

Happy Monday everyone, are you feeling glad January is over and we have moved on into the month of Love and hope?

I decided to do a very different type of blog today. I wanted to help those that really want to do well with their Valentine's day gifts because they are still in the 'I want to impress my girl' stage or just want to earn some extra brownie points. Mr L and I don't really buy each other Valentine's gifts (we actually just buy our kids a small gift and make sure we sit down with a nice bottle of bubbly, some crisps and a movie once the kids are in bed), but I was thinking, if I thought I had the energy to go out and was looking for the ideal gift from him, what would it be?..........

This is based on £100 pound budget for the gift.

A full outfit which includes dress, shoes and jewellery .....no bag needed as I’m going to be treated to dinner too lol. The dress above (red of course) is from Freemans and cost £50 then some lovely red shoes to match, the ones in the picture are from ASOS at £27 but you can also get nice shoes from New Look at £24.99. Then the jewellery, lovely little heart studs which just tell me I have his heart (£20 from kljewellerydesigns.com - of course I like my own jewellery lol). With all this there is change from your £100 to buy the card. I think this would be a very impressive Valentine's day gift? Let me know in the comments below what you think.

As always if you want to keep up to date with my classes and new products plus offers sign up to my newsletter (which you can unsubscribe from at any time if its not for you).

Until next week, take care,

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Jan 27 2020 11:39AM

I hope I find you all well? We are nearing the end of January and I just wanted to know how you found it? Are you still sticking to your resolutions or have you given up? I love getting into February, not only because it’s the month were we try and show more love to those around us but I feel like this is the month of possibilities? Maybe it’s because you start to see flowers like daffodils bloom and it fill me with hope after a grey and cold January?

Sunday past I gave a beaded jewellery class to four very keen beaders...I would say at least two of them went home and booted up their laptops to do some shopping for tools. It was great craic and I came away feeling very chilled and relaxed, then this morning I read through their comments about their experience and I know I will be smiling for the rest of the day. This is the first comment from yesterdays class........

Have had such a wonderful few hours at Katrina's Jewellery school. She creates such a lovely atmosphere and I can't believe I have two pieces of wearable jewellery. Thanks so much, Kiera x

Wasn't that a lovely review?

I have been toying with the idea of adding in another beading class in the evening. Let me know in the comments if you think this is a good idea?

IF you’re interested in attending my next classes, they are on the 16th of Feb for silver clay and 23rd of Feb for beading. If you know someone else that may be interested, then direct them to my fb page or you can pick up a gift voucher for them?

Also last week I got a few pieces off to the assay office for hallmarking and a little bit of photography done...more to do this week but I will be showing these with the new items on my website which I started to list last Friday and will continue into this week.

Well that is all for this week, have a great one and don't forget to sign up to my newsletter if you haven’t already done so...this will keep you up to date with all my offers and what’s new.

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Jan 22 2020 11:21AM

I hope you are having a fantastic week so far? I'm sure you have noticed that I am two days late with this week’s blog.

Monday was not a great start for me (did you know it was called "Blue Monday" as it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year?)! I thought I would start my day by doing something fun and constructive, so I got stuck into some soldering which mostly went fine except a little start fish (which I re-tried to solder again yesterday, with no success, maybe Thursday?). I then decided to try and log onto my site to do the usual blog and other admin work. But for some reason it was down, you could not log in at all - hence the blog coming out today.

No worries, as I managed to get a lot of jewellery made, soldered, polished and finished off. I also managed to get a little bit of photography in there. Even some with a little bit of glittery red to get with the Valentines theme (photo above).

Last Sunday I had a fabulous silver clay class with the fantastic Heather and Shirley, we had such great craic while making some beautiful jewellery (see photo). I think those two have been converted and will be investing in some more silver clay in the not too distant future. Yea my job here is done lol. I really love teaching jewellery classes as sometimes people don't realise what they are capable of (it’s great to see how proud everyone is by the end) and I know the lessons, no matter if they are a full day or just a couple of hours its chill out and relaxing time for those that attend (myself included). I have another class this Sunday which is beaded jewellery so tune in next week to see what we make.

Well that’s me until Monday, enjoy the rest of your week.

Chat soon and take care until then,

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Jan 13 2020 12:25PM

Did you have a good weekend? Our weekend was very relaxing with Saturday just chilling by the fire then Sunday going out to the beach (it was such a lovely day which left me feeling relaxed and ready to face the week ahead).

When I reflect on last week’s work, I feel like I was slacking lol. I managed to do some much-needed ordering as my stocks were low from all my Christmas making (I can now make some studs 😊). I did lots of admin including my tax return (phew) and I started playing about with ideas for some new photography shots, they are a bit in the minimal side (collage of pictures) but I would appreciate your thoughts in the comments section below.

This week so far, I have started sorting out my studio so I can get back out there and get making plus set up a space for taking photographs. I am looking forward to getting it ready as it is definitely such a calm place to work from and time just flies by. Also, this week I have the lovely Romayne coming (we try and meet once a week to make or chat about jewellery) to the studio plus I have my first silver clay class of 2020! This will be held on Sunday from 10am until approx. 4pm, there is still a couple of spaces available so if your interested why not book?

Well that’s all for this week, if your interested in seeing what we make in the silver clay class then tune in again next week.

Until then

Katrina xx

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